Month: Jan 2016

  • Sunday Beer: 777

    Imperial India Pale Ale Rather strong as it happens!

  • Semiprozine – All the Semiprozines (almost) [Updated]

    Here are all the semiprozines I looked at minus the stuff that I left out (mainly podcasts) and stuff that changed eligibility etc. I’ve updated were needed (I hope). A big thanks to the Clarke’s World Semiprozine Directory Lots of good stuff to look at and I don’t think there is any one of […]

  • Semiprozine: T, U (V,W,X,Y,Z)

    Come on people, seriously – yes I know X and Z are low frequency initial letters in English but this is SF people! Nobody has a semiprozine starting with Z? Z the most science fictional letter of the alphabet? Last round up! And with nary a day to spare before February arrives in all its […]

  • Review:A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet

    Novel: Becky Chambers 2014/2015 I should note firstly, that I don’t know what the eligibility of this novel is. Amazon has it listed as a CreateSpace paperback as 2014 and as a Kindle Hodder & Stoughton edition as 2015. So semi-self published and then picked up by a major publisher. It is a flawless book […]

  • EPH & the GOP in the USA

    So this post arose out of comments I made here. Imagine if the US primary season and Presidential election was replaced by the Hugo voting process. Everybody would get to nominate three candidates that they liked. The total number of nominations would be counted and the top three nominees would become the three finalists. There […]

  • John C Wright’s Windrose of Political Heresy

    I am sucker for these kinds of mental schemas in which people try and sort out their perspective on ideas into dimensions. When judged against how ideological groupings occur in reality they tend to breakdown in the face of the inherent contradictions of stuff that people end up believing but that doesn’t mean these schemas […]

  • Review: Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie

    Novel 2015 Haroun and the Sea of Stories was a children’s book that Salman Rushdie wrote during the years in which he was in hiding from the death-sentence-by-fatwa issued by Iran’s leading cleric. Rushdie is no stranger to fantastic elements in his books which often have strong magical-realism aspects to them but with Haroun […]

  • Blender and Cheetah

    So far the 3D model stuff have been generated in Cheetah3d for MacOS. I’m a long way from mastering it but I thought I’d come along enough to try Blender. Blender is a cross-platform 3D modelling program, which I’ve played with before but which has a steep learning curve. With great power comes a great […]

  • More messing about

    Playing with rigging to animate a mesh.

  • Currently Reading: The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet It’s OK so far but I’m wishing they had found a shorter way to that angry planet we haven’t got to yet.

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