7 Beers of Christmas: 6


An American style pale ale from Western Australia.


4 thoughts on “7 Beers of Christmas: 6

  1. I’m somewhat baffled by the fact that all the beers are in bottles; this comes perilously close to blasphemy to those raised in the Holy Church of CAMRA, but given the mandatory goodwill of the season I’m opting for assuming these are microbreweries and I was hallucinating about Courage and Directors. I hope.


    1. Unfortunately I’m a very long way from a pub that would even know what CAMRA was. It is all very much what does the shop have that doesn’t promote itself on the basis of how cold the beer is.

      The Courage Directors was quite nice ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. My heavens! You have my deepest sympathies, sir; I am now feeling doubly guilty because I am surrounded by opportunities to drink good beer, even in the City, and all too often I pass in favour of a cocktail or three.

        My sister is visiting in January to collect her birthday presents (Boxing Day birthdays are a real bummer) and she really does know her beers; the thought of Directors out of a bottle is all too poignant, so I won’t tell her before we have sunk some bevies of her choice. We can’t even airlift supplies to you; bouncing barrels were all very well when busting a dam, but The Powers That Be probably do not regard your plight in the same light.

        In the circumstances you are providing a vital resource for those who crave something more than ‘Well, at least it’s cold”; I do not have any prizes immediately to hand, but I’m sure I could break out the sewing machine and embark on, say, a waistcoat. I always feel that Directors should be drunk with respect, so if you have any thoughts on what the award should be, naturally I shall incorporate them. I look forward to the day when

        ‘The Camerstros Felapton Award For Services To Beer’

        is recognised as the Big One!


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