Currently Reading: Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty Eight Nights

So probably the last fiction book of the year I will read – and an appropriate way to finish. Given the various topics covered in the blog, literature, genre-fiction, Islam, philosophy, Aristotle, logic etc, it was oddly fitting to find the first chapter of Rushdie’s quasi-superpowers themed book to center on Ibn Rushd – aka Averroes.

In Rushdie’s latest, Ibn Rushd is at a period of his life when he has fallen out of favor. Languishing in Spain he takes on a housekeeper, who becomes his lover and who is also a jinn (i.e. a genie). This first chapter of a book has also been published as a short story and is available here:

The book then leaps forward to the present and New York and a man who finds himself floating ever so slightly above the ground…

I think this is going to be fun 🙂