NaNoWriMo: Cover Mark 2


OK, I know I should spend time working on the text rather than the cover but this was more fun. So for a second go at a cover I vandalised a classic piece of at by Fra Angelico. Fra Angelico’s paintings of saints were so saintly that the painter himself was beatified. So here is his pic of Saint Dominic:


An attempt to move the halo ended up looking rubbish and I rushed a bit cloning parts of the robe to make up for missing bits of arms etc.

The aspect ratio looks a bit uncover like but this was to fit better with the cover preview box that was used on the NaNoWriMo site. To cope with different aspect ratios I added the vertical bar on the left. The other main design consideration is the thumbnail test – does it look OK tiny?

brotherrust2 Nearly. The author name works OK. The joke publisher ident doesn’t need to be readable so that’s OK. However the title tends to get lost against the background at this size. Also the grey right arm gets lost against the grey cloak.

Character wise it also isn’t quite right. Spiritually & theologically the robotic monk is inclined towards the Dominicans but for backstory reasons dresses like a Franciscan (i.e. simple brown robes). I really liked the pose and background of the Fra Angelico