Review: Ambiguity Machines: An Examination by Vandana Singh

full_ambiguitymachinesShort Story: Ambiguity Machines: An Examination by Vandana Singh 2015

This is a story for those who like elements of Borges and magical realism within their science fiction. It presents three inter-related tales within a framing device.

The frame is almost a Stanislaw Lem like notion:

It is thus that the Ministry of Abstract Engineering has sent the topographers of Conceptual Machine-Space to various destinations so that they may collect reports, rumors, folktales, and intimations of machines that do not and cannot exist. Of these we excerpt below three accounts of the subcategory of Ambiguity Machines: those that blur or dissolve boundaries.

Delightful – both a fantastical notion but also a simple description of what we then do as a reader. We read three stories (with a folktale like quality) involving the idea of some kinds of wish-granting/time-travelling/who-knows-whating machines and the lives of the people they interact with. Having done so we think about them – or write a review of them. It is effectively an almost true story as we genuinely do explore a conceptual space.

Three shorter stories contained within are joined by a common sense of special places and magical elements (or are they magical or are they machines and…) but cast within insights into the lives and loves of people.

On my Hugo list for certain.