A View From Another Universe

I often visit American conservative websites, primarily because I like to make sense of odd political ideas. Even so, they still manage to throw me a curveball now and then, when I realise I have forgotten some of the different rules of our two realities.

So I ended up here as I was looking for instances of the US right calling Trump a fascist or reacting to it and I came across this article: http://www.dailywire.com/news/1415/look-who-wants-boy-scouts-amanda-prestigiacomo

It is an article about some girls who want to join the Scouts and the whole article has a breathless air of social panic:

In times where unisex bathrooms and gender-neutral parenting are all the rage, this idea of erasing gender lines once again doesn’t seem too farfetched; but even in that political environment and being in a liberal-Mecca, only two hours north of San Francisco, California, this request from the young girls has been met with some pushback.

The thing is, the actual Scouting movement internationally is both genders. In the UK and Australia The Scouts have girls. Now while these Scouting movements (including note the original Scouting movement) aren’t quite as religiously conservative as the US version, they aren’t exactly radical progressives either. You’ll still find prayers and national loyalty oaths but you’ll also find girls.

Somehow the world survived.