Semiprozine roundup: Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine is an Australian semipro that aims to look like a pro. It was an unlikely inclusion on the Sad Puppy slate a fact that left some of the contributor’s bemused. Simon Petrie of ASIM amusingly attributed the nomination to them being early in the alphabet and as ‘pity sex’ and as a whole they took the ensuing kerfuffle in good humor.

So they get to be number four on my trawl through semiprozine world because – well they are early in the alphabet 🙂 But I quite liked what I’ve seen so far. As with the others I’m just trawling the websites and looking to see what they have on offer rather than buying an issue. The book reviews were varied with several books I didn’t know of (which is handy)  but only a couple of sample stories were there – both riffs on concepts (gods in one and vampires in the other).