Rewatching Star Wars: The R2Sith Cannon

R2-D2_SithI very much doubt this is original but a long running joke at Felapton Towers is that R2-D2 is a Sith. Now it is important to note that when I say ‘Sith’ I don’t mean he is in league with Vader, Maul, Sidious or the Empire. What I mean is that R2-D2 is a disciple of the Dark Side of the Force and manipulates events to his own ends.

The current consensus is that he is the former master of Darth Sidious, whom was believed to have been murdered by Darth Sidious to gain all his awful Sith secrets. In reality he transferred his Sithy-Soul to an astromech droid and started working to bring about the downfall of Sidious/Palpatine.

Assuming R2 is behind many of the events in Star Wars allows for some easy rationalization for:

  1. His odd ability to be around key events in Galactic History
  2. His odd ability to not get blown to smithereens
  3. Why Luke keeps hearing and seeing Obi-Wan Kenobi after he is very much dead (one of the first things we learn in Episode 4 is that he can project holograms and voices – I mean, seriously, isn’t it obvious once we know that?)
  4. Why R2D2 is quite so awesome

As I may make regular mention of this when discussing Star Wars I thought I’d better mention it up front.