Paulk Replies Sort of – Makes Straw Puppy Disappointed.

Kate Paulk has nicely mentioned my letter to her over at Mad Genius. Cheers Kate! She seems a bit worried about my butt, my feelz, my gender and my pronouns

 … all proceeds as I have foreseen. And yea, the butthurt of the most special of snowflakes doth rise unto the heavens, for in stating facts and analyzing the content of their bullshit, I have given great offense. And I am greatly amused.

Seriously, folks, when the best you can manage in so-called critique is to claim that something I wrote was poorly written (without evidence of my alleged poor writing – which means it’s probably a case of either “oooh, my feelz” or “I don’t get it, it must be horrible”) and then go on to repeat every single tactic I dissected with hardly any variations, you’re doing it wrong. You’re also kind of amusing, in a train-wreck kind of way.

I’m not going to bother dissecting this rather shallow bit of hurt feelings – I’d spend more time on it than it deserves and hand the so-called author more page views and it really isn’t worth that (yes, it. Since this particular author is using a handle that’s not obviously male or female, and is clearly so far in the non-binary-gender camp it’s through the other side or something, I can’t default to “he” or “she”. I’m writing in English, which leaves “it” as the sole option for the non-binary-gender sort.) Besides, when it goes out of its way to misrepresent everything I’ve written, why should I bother giving it more attention than I have to?

Ah, Kate but you didn’t link straight to my blog. Thanks for the kind words (particularly the train wreck quote – which is priceless) but you made Straw Puppy sad by not linking – see:

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5 responses to “Paulk Replies Sort of – Makes Straw Puppy Disappointed.”

  1. I have an idea for an SF novel called Ancillary Tiger. It’s all about a tiger who can’t see the gender of other tigers cuz a coconut fell on its head… plus colonialism. Honestly, Captain Future and the Space Emperor is better literature than the garbage you push. I have another idea for an SF novel: Captain Future’s Wife and the Space Emperor. LOL.

    Tiger, tiger burning bright
    Get yer frickin’ pronouns right
    Burma Shave


  2. I read the piece Paulk seems to be talking about, except I didn’t see anything that suggested your feelings were hurt. On the one hand, reading comprehension is not a Puppy strong point. On the other hand, Puppies do a lot of projection–perhaps this is her way of saying *her* feelings are hurt; Puppy feelings are notoriously vulnerable to things like not immediately knowing someone’s gender, or stories about people different from them existing. And on the third hand (hey, it’s SFF), maybe she was “presponding” to what your reaction would be to her calling you “it.” If so, I think she gives herself too much credit. Surely by now everybody knows Puppies lose their composure all over the internet over anything and everything.

    I’m thinking people are complicated and it could very well be a combination of all three.

    I do note that when her talking points are refuted with direct quotes and links to sources she immediately switches ground to saying she hurt your feelings (as if it would have made you wrong if she had or something.)


    • Yes, odd that. The argument she seems to be advancing is that ‘If X has hurt feelings then the claims by X are wrong.’ I know the names of lots of fallacies but I’m not sure where that one fits in.


  3. And yea, in my head I doth always hear the voice of Violet Elizabeth Bott, sometime companion to the great William, whenever I do Paulk read. Verily, it doth make me want to “thcream and thcream ’till I’m thick.”


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