Month: Nov 2015

  • Rewatching Star Wars: Attack of the Cloned Movie

    The story so far: After watching the disjointed but happy Phantom Menace, we leapt forward in time to A New Hope and then straight onto The Empire Strikes Back. Luke abandons his Jedi training with Yoda and flies to help Leia and Han but finds himself confronting Darth Vader instead. Vader beats Luke in a […]

  • Sunday Beer:Kolsch

  • Book covers

    I’ve been thinking about book covers recently. A comment at File 770 pointed at this post by Lois McMasters Bujold It features a nicely door minimalist book cover. Geometrical but with subtle hints of things going on (look at the ‘feet’ of the four free-falling figures.) Now I wanted to show an example of […]

  • A View From Another Universe

    I often visit American conservative websites, primarily because I like to make sense of odd political ideas. Even so, they still manage to throw me a curveball now and then, when I realise I have forgotten some of the different rules of our two realities. So I ended up here as I was looking for […]

  • Trump – Criticality

    Despite the shifting themes and political events Donald Trump remains the lead candidate in the polls for the Republican Party nomination. There are a myriad of reasons to think that this won’t translate into him actually becoming the nominee but then again there have been a myriad of reasons to assume that he would peak […]

  • Headcanon gallery

    Just worked out how to do a gallery in WordPress – so apologies for the repeat of the earlier visual joke.

  • Ur-Fascism: Eco on Fascism

    Via this article (Donald Trump is a Fascist) on Trump from Slate, I was reading a 1995 essay on fascism by Umberto Eco. Eco is one of those writers who manges to combine clarity of ideas with an engaging style and imagination and he is nearly always a pleasure to read. In this essay […]

  • Headcanon Award

    With the recent decision that the World Fantasy Award will no longer be a bust of H.P.Lovecraft, some people have got somewhat upset. I assume this is due to a decline in really ugly goggle-eyed heads as awards. To restore the balance the above is my design for a head-cannon award which can be award […]

  • 50,258

    Not quite finished the story but I’ve passed the finish line 🙂

  • NaNoWriMo Illustration

    Just a draft for the moment as I need to work on textures and stuff. Tantalisingly close to finishing…