Review: Jurassic World

Really there isn’t a lot to say about this movie. It is a serviceable movie that delivers what you want: people running from bloodthirsty dinosaurs. It knows that it doesn’t have the sheer wow-factor of the original and has the staff of the now successful Jurassic World theme park underline the fact by constant references to how their audience has become jaded with conventional dinosaurs. It all falls to bits because of greedy humans playing god and so on.

The relationship between the two leads Owen (Chris Pratt) an ex-Navy velociraptor wrangler and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) the corporate business woman who runs the park, seems to have been lifted from movies from a previous century. Actually that is unfair because the first Jurassic Park movie had more interesting and less cliched relationships and THAT really was from another century. Chris Pratt is competent as is Bryce Dallas Howard but Pratt isn’t allowed to be funny. Vincent D’Onofrio is under used as the cynical bad guy from In-Gen…but let’s face it the supporting cast is there to get eaten. Katie McGrath (Morgana from Merlin) gets a really crappy role as an assistant charged with baby-sitting the two teenage/child characters, for which she is rewarded with an overly long and nasty death sequence. It is the sort of gratuitously drawn out death that Hollywood would normally reserve for a villain or at least somebody unlikeable.

…but it has velociraptor, a great t-rex cameo and a new hybrid baddy dinosaur. And the purpose of the movie is to deliver dinosaur fights and at this it succeeds.



  1. David Brain

    I have to confess that I liked the meta-commentary on the vacuousness of modern Hollywood blockbusters and the sharp self-awareness that essentially conceded that it was only because it was itself a vacuous modern Hollywood blockbuster that it could make such a meta-commentary. But it was a very expensive way to make a fairly obvious point.

    (And yeah, you’re right about the retrograde step in depicting relationships compared to the original. Just giving your “lead female” more to do doesn’t actually mean you’re suddenly in the forefront of gender equality.)


    • camestrosfelapton

      I liked how it took the movie back to the theme park setting, as the first movie also managed to comment on itself in terms of things like tacky merchandise, that was then itself real merchandise for the film.
      Jake Johnson’s character was the most interesting (and gets to wear a classic Jurassic Park T-shirt).
      Still the key element (dinosaurs chasing people and eating them) was well done 🙂