Month: Oct 2015

  • Spooooooooookkkyyyy

    Spooky for Halloween

  • Subjective Dawkins graph

    A sketch to indicate the conflict between thinking that R. Dawkins knows what he is talking about versus R. Dawkins acting like a bit of an arse.

  • Currently reading: Monster Hunter Nation

    Larry Correia’s super best selling novel about an accountant with an interest in guns and fighting who murders his obnoxious boss + plus some other stuff.

  • Review: Semiprozine round up – Abyss & Apex

    Following on from this Abyss & Apex a semiprozine with a name easily confused with Apex Magazine which is a different semiprozine altogether. Published quarterly it carries a mix of SF and fantasy stories as well as poems and book reviews. An excellent back catalog of authors but nothing really stood out in […]

  • I really don’t know what this is

  • Review: The Dark Forest

    The Dark Forest Cixin Lui (The Three Body Problem 2) Novel: 2015. At the end of The Three Body Problem humanity had discovered that the civilisation of Trisolaris had sent its fleet towards Earth with the aim of taking the planet and rebuilding Trisolaren civilisation in a more stable solar system By the use […]

  • Review: Fool’s Quest

    Fool’s Quest (Fitz and the Fool 2) Robin Hobb Novel 2015 When you get to the second book in the third trilogy of a fantasy series of fourteen books, you have already invested a substantial amount of time in the fictional world of the author. In Robin Hobb’s case her world is both substantial and […]

  • Looking at Semiprozines…

    An overlooked category that is very Hugo-rulesish. The rules basically are that it has to be published periodical, have at least four issues in a year, pays its contributors *OR* is sold for actual money *BUT* doesn’t actually make money for somebody. In others it is more like a professional magazine than a fanzine but […]

  • Sunday beer: Duvel

    Frothy and Belgian!

  • Morning :)