Blog round up: Looking at best ‘Fan Writer’

I did two posts looking at the stats for Best Fan writer category in the Hugo Awards 2015 here and here. I think it is fair to say that the category looks a bit neglected – that isn’t a comment on the nominees but rather that it did look like most people who voted (aside from puppies) were just voting for one person they liked and I think that is a little sad.

So this post is looking at the non-Puppy writers who received some nominations in 2015. I’ll skip over Laura Mixon who ended up winning and look at the others.

Abigail Nussbaum: Asking the Wrong Questions. About:

Strong and detailed reviews from an experienced and knowledgeable blogger:

Liz Bourke: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (blog) / Sleeps With Monsters ( About:

Short reviews on her blog and more detailed essays on

Natalie Luhrs: Pretty Terrible.

Art and reviews and news. and

Mark Oshiro: Mark Reads / Mark watches. FAQ  and

Blogging complete series of books or TV shows. Mark Watches is currently working through Star Trek TNG:

Foz Meadows: Shattersnipe: Malcontent and Rainbows. also writes at BlackGate and HuffPo  and The Mary Sue

Blog covers reviews and writing


6 responses to “Blog round up: Looking at best ‘Fan Writer’”

  1. I’ve also been following extra fan writers to see which ones stick. From your list, Natalie Luhrs (for hilariously reading VDs book) and Mark Oshiro (for an interesting ongoing read of Small Gods) are standing out to me so far, plus Nicoll for reviews.


  2. I’ve been trying to pad fill up my longlist as well. Beyond a couple from your list (mainly, Abi Nussbaum, Natalie Luhrs, and James Nicoll), I’ve also got:

    Mike Glyer – Fanzine writer ( )

    Good for getting some perspective on fandom, as well as updates on the greater occurences in fandom (ie, awards, kerfuffles etc). For notable articles, I’d suggest the Hugo Awards tag on File770, as well as the following article:


      • Good idea. I also think the challenge will be on rounding up similar stuff for the Best Related Work category, it seems to range from actual supplemantaries (ie the upcoming Wheel of Time Companion book) to random collections of blog posts etc.


    • I’ve been following some of the regularly-quoted reviewers from the F770 roundups. Lis Carey still produces a stream of good short reviews (not necessarily SF though). Alexandra Erin had a good run of fan-writing satire, but I guess her recent Theo Pratt ebook doesn’t count because it cost real money? Rebekah Golden did good reviews but has now gone quiet.


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