Month: Aug 2015

  • Seveneves: a review

    Seveneves Neal Stephenson, Eligible in Best Novel Category In one of the many bits of reactionary writing that I’ve encountered while exploring the far-right reaches of SF/F related blogdom, one claim in particular has been stuck in my head recently. I can’t recall the exact words or who exactly said it but it went […]


  • Unfeasible Tales of Social Justice Fantasy Science!

    Yay! So this is the proper start of the third arm of the blog which is writing stupid fiction. During the Puppy Kerfuffle many people sympathetic to the Puppy campaign have written descriptions of the kind of stories that they claim are dominating the Hugo Awards and also have written critiques of what is wrong […]

  • Just experimenting…

    With video via Vimeo. Nothing amazing just messing about.

  • Diversity of belief

    There is a post here: which via a comment has brought some visitors (hi!) but which was originally from here: It is yet another spin on the Sad/Rabid Hugo Kerfuffle and it has nice idea behind it. I know I’ve promised a Karl Popper post and have not yet delivered but one of […]

  • Reason Hell: Ad Hominem arguments (Authority, Ad-Hominem, and credibility Part 4)

    The flip side of an appeal to somebody else credibility are arguments that question that person’s credibility. To see what is fair and what is not you need to consider what is relevant when making an appeal to authority of one kind or another. However I would suggest that three over-arching principles apply: Questions of […]

  • Area maze puzzle

    Another fun puzzle article in The Guardian here: You can find simpler styles of this kind of problem in mathematics tests from English speaking countries but in Japan this style of puzzle has become a phenomena. Essentially you just need three things 1. all the numbers in the solution are positive integers (but not […]

  • Blimin’ eck! (traffic report)

    Some very nice people have tweeted links to my Unified Puppy Theory post and WOOSSHHH!! Blog traffic went through the roof today. Those blue bars used to look really impressive to me until today when the handy WordPress graph had to rescale itself. So to mysterious Tweeters, thanks you! Also thanks to Jim Henley, Cat […]

  • Climate change evidence analogy of the day

    After a recent argumentative binge on the issue of global warming, I’m trying to ease slowly off the topic. However, an analogy has been stuck in my head that I didn’t get to use and so I thought I’d give it an outing. You and a friend come across a man. He is unsteady on […]

  • Sunday beer: Grolsch

    Grolsch 🙂

  • No, seriously, stop Camestros…

    Well, part of what I wanted to do with this blog is look at evidence, logic and cognitive errors. I ended up talking a lot about the Hugo Awards and that meant reading an awful lot of John C Wright. It turns out that John writes posts that are like mini-case studies for the non-SF/F […]