Month: Aug 2015

  • Unfeasible Tales of Social Jutsice Fantasy Science! Introduction:

    In the warm kitchen of Felapton Towers there is a broad wooden table and one bright Saturday morning, spread across this table was a diverse collection of memes, themes, e-reader screens and reams of photocopy paper. Camestros was busy building an intricate device whose purposes were both benign and nefarious. Outside was the insect like […]


  • Map of the 2015 Puppy Kerfuffle [Update V0.4]

    Being a map of the head-space of Camestros Felapton based upon his voyages during the Great Puppy Kerfuffle of 2015. A key to the map is given below and version notes and previous maps are given below.

  • Weird Internet Ideas: Inheriting IQ

    I don’t think IQ tests are rubbish. They are a useful tool that can help identify specific learning difficulties and do appear to measure something we can call general cognitive ability. I’m not going to do a full treatment of the ins and outs of IQ here but rather just focus on one idea that […]

  • Blog round up time again!

    Time again to collate some of my wanderings across the blogosphere. Included are some strange and unusual places – a conservative libertarian, a fan of Diogenes (and the nearest think to a defender of Wisdom from My Internet I’ve encountered) plus some recurring favorites. First off the rank: Spacefaring Kitten’s summary of the Puppy Kerfuffle […]

  • Sunday beer (late!)

    Coopers Vintage.

  • Currently reading: Half a War

    Part three of Joe Abercrombie’s YA “Shattered Sea” fantasy series that follows on from Half a King and Half a World. Don’t let the ‘young adult’ marketing bracket scare you away – this has been a solid fantasy series so far. Set in a Vikingish world built on the remains of a lost elvish civilization, […]

  • A modern take on the classic Lewis Carrol style logic puzzle

    Lewis Carroll was a noted logician and wrote intricate logic puzzles that combined his sense of the absurd with his interest in logic. At io9’s  regular puzzle spot they have a modern (1960s) version by Hubert Phillips. Pickled walnuts are always provided at Professor Piltdown’s parties. No animal that does not prefer Beethoven to Mozart […]

  • A loveley video essay on Tarkovsky’s Solaris

    Interesting perspective on Andrei Tarkovsky’s film version of Stanislaw Lem’s book.

  • What I’m reading (seriously?): The Last Superstition – a refutation of the new atheism

    An additional service this blog will be offering is reading some books so you don’t have to. Indeed, Wisdom from My Armpit is a good example of this blog doing exactly that. So what am I reading currently? The Last Superstition – a refutation of the new atheism by Edward Feser is a book that […]

  • Not a minion

    The latest attempt by the Rabid Puppies is to claim that everybody is magically doing their bidding. Which is quite funny. They’ve also been awarding some nice badges to people because, well I don’t know why, reasons? Any way here is an alternate badge for anybody who might feel the need for a graphical response. […]