Kerfuffle timeline Part 3: The second act.

Phew! Please see previous posts here and here for caveats and sources. Thanks again to Mike Glyer’s Compleat Puppy Roundups.

From Gallotreversy via Torcott to Antonelli and the Spokane PD. June, July and August up to the awards!


Nebula Award winners announced


Jim C Hines posts a collection of quotes by notable Puppies.


On Twitter Vox Day Tweets a screen grab of Irene Gallo’s 11 May comment on Puppies.


Several authors post negative responses to Irene Gallo’s comments. Writer Peter Grant posts a message on his blog saying “THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE”


Tom Doherty, founder of Tor Books, posts an open letter to readers, apologising for Irene Gallo’s comments and stating that she should have made it clear she wasn’t speaking for the company. Comments are left open.


Vox Day calls for action against Tor: “I have can count dozens of Tor and Forge books on my bookshelves surrounding me, and that doesn’t count the bookshelves in the halls, in the bedrooms, and in the attic. But I don’t have to buy any more.”


Eric Flint posts an essay entitled ‘In Defense of the Sad Puppies’. The article is deeply critical of Irene Gallo’s comments “Irene Gallo has slandered the Sad Puppies by trying to make them identical with the Rabid Puppies.”


The Pex Lives podcast broadcasts a debate between Philip Sandifer and Vox Day in which they discuss John C Wright’s Hugo nominated story ‘One Bright Star…’ and Iain Bank’s debut novel ‘The Wasp Factory’.


Popular culture site The Mary Sue posts a news article critical of Tom Doherty’s letter and supportive of Irene Gallo.


Numerous people post messages in support of Irene Gallo and critical of Tom Doherty’s letter.


Tor editor Moshe Feder defends Irene Gallo’s comments on his Facebook page and criticises the campaign against her and Tor.


Philip Sandifer post a message on his blog entitled ‘John C Wright Has Just Advocated for My Murder’. The post is in reference to comments by Wright on Vox Day’s blog regarding the Sandifer/Day podcast.


Mike Glyer’s daily Puppy roundup is entitled ‘The Hydrophobia that Falls on You from Nowhere’. The title is a play on the title of a past Hugo winning story that included themes around same-sex marriage, and a play on the name of the rabid puppies.


Peter Grant claims to have been contacted by an ‘individual’ at Tor Books. Grant claims that at Tor “Some have even asserted that the thousands of e-mails complaining about Irene Gallo’s statement aren’t genuine, but the product of a bot-net, a manufactured wave of pseudo-indignation that has no foundation in reality. “


L. Jagi Lamplighter expresses dismay ‘to see posts suggesting that emails to Tor…were not legitimate but were sent from automated bots’. She calls on readers to send printouts of photos of their Tor books to Tor and to also send her photos of readers books.


Sarah Hoyt is critical of the Mike Glyer’s Puppy roundup title saying that it implied she was homophobic.


Larry Correia states ‘The Sad Puppies Campaign is NOT calling for any boycotts.’


Amazing Stories announces a ‘Buy Tor’ day to counteract any effects of the boycott.


Peter Grants announces that ‘The Tor Boycott is on’ but he also makes clear that ‘I am not a member of, and I do not speak for, either the ‘Sad Puppies’ or ‘Rabid Puppies’ campaigns (although I support the former).’


An article in Starburst Magazine claims the Tor boycott has backfired.


Vox Day says that Moshe Feder is fanning ‘the flames’ of the Tor boycott.


In a long comment on File770, Puppy nominated writer vary English expresses her frustration with the Puppy campaigns. “All that stuff about nominating liberals just to watch them self-flagellate and see how fast they withdraw? I’m not his marionette, and I won’t dance to his tune. He set us up to be targets, just like he set up Irene Gallo. I’m not giving in to Vox Day.”


Kary English follow up her comment with an open letter on her own blog, explaining her motivations and issues with Sad and Rabid Puppies.


Vox Day replies to English’s File770 comment. “I think it’s interesting that she thinks I have given her any thought whatsoever. Kary, my dear, I don’t give a quantum of a damn what you do. Withdraw, don’t withdraw, retire to a nunnery, it makes absolutely no difference to me.”


Peter Grant publishes an update on the Tor boycott.


Blog comments and stories on the Kerfuffle become more summative overall. Mike Resnick writes an intro to Galaxy’s Edge magazine discussing past controversy at WorldCon.


Mike Glyer publishes his final daily Puppy roundup.


Puppy nominated Michael Z Williamson announces on his blog that he will be voting ‘No Award’ in all categories.


Vox Day publishes his voting suggestion for 2015


Superversive SF holds a podcast roundtable with John C Wright, Lou Antonelli, L J Lamplighter and others. During the podcast Antonelli says that he has warned the Spokane Police about David Gerrold. “ I personally wrote a letter addressed to the police chief in Spokane and said I thought the man was insane and a public danger and needs to be watched when the convention’s going on, and I mean it”


Jim Hines takes issue with Lou Antonelli apparently warning the Spokane Police about Sasquan Guest of Honor David Gerrold. Lou Antonelli apologises on Hines’s Facebook page.


Carrie Cuin of Lakeside Circus writes to Antonelli saying that a story she had accepted from him was no longer welcome because of his comments about David Gerrold.


Antonelli publishes an edited version of Carrie Cuin’s rejection letter on his Facebook page, as a ‘cautionary tale’. Several comments a very negative towards Carrie Cuin.


Carrie Cuin describes how she has received threats as a consequence of rejecting Antonelli’s story.


Sasquan publishes a ruling on Antonelli’s behaviour on the grounds that he is an attending member and his actions were directed towards another member (Gerrold). After discussions with both Gerrold and Cuin they decide not to take action.


Sarah Hoyt posts her account of the events in the kerfuffle


Sasquan, the 73rd WorldCon opens. World doesn’t end but sky look apocalyptic due to near by forest fires.


Hugo Awards announced. Surprisingly Robert Heinlein wins them all despite being long dead.

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