Very draft: Kerfuffle timeline – Prelude to Kerfufflation

urrggghhh it is like a box of recursive kerfuffles. An attempt map out a timeline has got plagued with having to keep going back to prior to 2015 to include things that people refer back to during the kerfuffle. So to answer why ‘rabid’ or why ‘evil league of evil’ and so on we have to search back to the theft of the Silmarils or the landing of the Fir Bolg.

So firstly – this IS a narrative. It is literally a narrative as it is a story shown over time with a plot and complications but it is also a subjective mapping of headspace. It looks more serious than my map but the same caveats apply – it is how I perceive the kerfuffle and while it is made out of truthful bricks (I believe) the structure itself is a fabricated thing. Same warnings about false balance apply and also the timeline has the issue of stirring up old arguments.

Suggestions and corrections are welcome within the limit of not wanting to re-kerfuff old kerfuffles and certainly not wanting to re-open old wounds.

Major sources: Mike Glyer’s puppy round ups (, Jim C Hines’s article and for some early stuff Sl Huang’s Timleine of SFWA controversies and naturraly the blogs of Larry Correia, Vox Day, Brad Torgersen and John C Wright.


The Hugo Awards – awarded by fans with membership for the notable SF/F convention ‘WorldCon’


Nominal start of the New Wave of SF


Tom Doherty establishes Tor Books


Jim Baen establishes Baen books


Vox Day (aka Theodore Beale) attends Minicon and claims to have disavowed attending SF conventions there after.


Ace Books publishes ‘Singularity Sky’ by Charles Stross. The book is nominated for a Hugo.


Vox Day is appointed as a juror on the Science Fiction Writers Association of America’s Nebula Award Jury


Vox Day publishes an article on World Net Daily on “Why Women Can’t Think”


Patrick Neilsen Hayden’s blog ‘Electrolite’ publishes an article critical of Vox Day’s article and critical of him being a juror for the Nebula Awards. John Scalzi comments on the article defending Vox Day’s role on the jury but noting: “From what I know of Beale’s politics, he’s a jackass, and a fairly ignorant jackass at that. I feel pleased that my own politics, to the extent that they play any role in Nebula selection, are likely to counteract his “


Tor books publishes ‘Old Man’s War’ by John Scalzi


Your Hate Mail Will be Graded’ a collection of pieces from John Scalzi’s blog ‘Whatever’ is published by Subterranean Press. In 2009 it wins the Hugo Award for Best Related work.


John Scalzi elected President of the Science Fiction Writers Association of America


Larry Correia is a finalists for the Campbell Award for best new science fiction/fantasy (not a Hugo Award but part of the same voting process and awarded at WorldCon). Correia attends WorldCon but does not win the award.


Vox Day post an article on his blog mocking a satirical letter John Scalzi had written on the topic of rape. Height of verbal feuding between Scalzi and Day.


Larry Correia posts on his blog an article called “How to get Correia nominated for a Hugo” in a bid to get Monster Hunter Nation nominated.


Larry Correia posts a second message on the topic in which he makes reference to ‘sad puppies’. Nominal start of the ‘Sad Puppy’ theme.


John Scalzi donates money to charity every time Vox Day makes a reference to him in his columns.


Apex Magazine publishes the short story ‘If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love’ by Rachel Swirsky


Hugo 2013 Nominees announced. Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Nation is not successful in Best Novel Category.


Larry Correia posts on his blog saying: “So the Sad Puppies Hugo stacking campaign was a success for almost everybody else I pushed, but me, as we didn’t get enough to break MHL into best novel.  It will be interesting to see how close we got when the numbers come out after the awards.”


Steven Gould is elected President of SFWA beating Vox Day in a landslide. Rachel Swirsky is elected Vice-presidents. Their are set to take office in July.


SFWA President John Scalzi announces a task force to look into the SFWA bulletin, after major controversy over sexist and racist content.


Steven Gould replaces John Scalzi as SFWA President


Author N.K.Jesmin gives Guest of Honor speech at Continuum in Melbourne. Her speech addresses some of the issues in the SFWA at the time as well as broader issues of race, gender and sexuality. It also makes reference to Vox Day’s failed bid for SFWA President but not by name – referring to one candidate as ‘a self-described misogynist, racist, anti-Semite, and a few other flavors of asshole’


Vox Day posts an attack on N.K.Jesmin’s speech referring to her in derogatory terms and calling her a ‘savage’. He does this via his blog but also via a SFWA branded twitter account.


Mary Robinette Kowal posts a message addressed to the “Twelve Rabid Weasels of the SFWA”


The SFWA President, Steven Gould, announces that a member has been expelled. Vox Day confirms that he is the member expelled.


Ann Leckie’s ‘Ancillary Justice’ published. The book is a space adventure featuring the AI of a warship that now exists in a human body and is seeking revenge. The protagonist also tends to only use female pronouns.


Larry Correia announces Sad Puppies 2 and request suggestions for nominees.


A further Sad Puppy 2 announcement with cartoons and a manatee

2014/1/21 publishes essay by Alex Dally MacFarlane called “Post-Binary Gender in SF: Introduction”


Larry Correia strongly criticises Alex Dally MacFarlane’s article.


Jm C Hines criticises Larry Correia’s post


Potential Sad Puppy 2 nominees suggested at Larry Correia’s blog.


The Guardian publishes an article called ‘Science fiction needs to reflect that the future is queer ‘ by Damien Walter. The article criticises Larry Correia’s position.


Hugo 2014 Nominees announced. Nominees include Rachel Swirsky’s Apex short story. Nominees also include several Sad Puppies 2 picks.


Larry Correia announces the success of his slate at gaining nominations.


Charles Stross in a joint letter with Ann Leckie and Mira Grant announce that their publisher (Orbit) won’t be releasing their works for free in the Hugo Packet. In the comments Stross says this about Larry Correia’s nomination: “which is on the ballot as a protest nomination, not a real contender”


John C Wright coins the term The Evil League of Evil for the main Puppy supporters “I hereby will vote Vox Day our Supreme Dark Lord, declare Larry Correia to be our International Lord of Hate, decree Sarah Hoyt to be our Beautiful but Evil Space Princess whom we all love and obey, and — let me see, all the good positions are taken — perhaps I can be the Evil Brain in a Jar just like my ancestor, Simon Wright. Perhaps Sarah Hoyt will carry me around in a handbag, as she walks the grounds of her secret base hidden in a cold volcano cone, commanding innocent and cringing minions to be flogged with electric whips, or sent screaming to the Agony Vat.”


Vox Day publishes how he intends to vote in the Hugo awards for several categories. The short story category has only ‘No Award’


Hugo Awards 2014 announced at LonCon. Ann Leckie wins Best Novel. Larry Correia’s novel Warbound wins 5th place above No Award. Vox Day’s novelette Opera Vita Aeterna is beaten to 5th place by No Award after preferences. Rachel Swirsky does not win best short story.


Brad Torgersen announces the start of Sad Puppies 3


Sad Puppies 3 logo displayed for the first time.


SAD PUPPIES 3: the 2015 Hugo slate


Vox Day announces the Rabid Puppies 2015 slate.


Teresa Nielsen Hayden posts a message suggesting that “I think the subject of this year’s Hugo nominations is about to explode. “


Brad Torgersen criticises Teresa Nielsen Hayden opinions of the Sad Puppies


Brad Torgersen coins the term ‘CHORF’ on his blog.
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6 responses to “Very draft: Kerfuffle timeline – Prelude to Kerfufflation”

  1. Let’s see:

    i, Prior to 2005, you need to indicate who PNH is.

    ii, You need to note that Scalzi included a Big Idea post on his well-read blog, allowing VD to pimp his book in 2008 –

    iii, You need to note in the 2013/2/6 entry WHICH charities. Scalzi’s campaign directly helped groups VD despises, such as women.

    iv, Didn’t Larry Correia post something sniffing about how badly he was treated at WorldCon before he decided to stir up Sad Puppies 1?

    v, 2013/5/3 entry – chek speling.

    vi, You might wanna break the Malzberg/Resnick affair down a bit more.

    vii, You might wanna break the 2013/6/8 down a bit more by showing how VD broke SFWA policy in using their account.

    viii, You might wanna break down the 2015/2/1 entry by pointing out Torgersen soliciting nominations on his blog, which he then ignored to choose mainly his own cronies. A comment about him calling this “open and democratic” later is in order.


    • Thanks. Not sure how far down into the Malzberg/Resnick affair I want to go. I actually deleted some lines at one point!
      Thanks for that Scalzi VD link! Wasn’t in my radar at all.


  2. Was there actually an issue about racism in the Resnick/Malzberg affair? All the specific facts I saw quoted related to sexism; some write-ups I’ve seen did add ‘and racism’, but it wasn’t clear to me what the basis for that was.


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