Blog round up time again!

Time again to collate some of my wanderings across the blogosphere. Included are some strange and unusual places – a conservative libertarian, a fan of Diogenes (and the nearest think to a defender of Wisdom from My Internet I’ve encountered) plus some recurring favorites.

First off the rank: Spacefaring Kitten’s summary of the Puppy Kerfuffle and Hugo voting

A recent visitor here, Malcolm the Cynic explains why he supports the Superversive SF movement

Sticking to a more pro-puppy theme Dr Mauser explains his fix for the Hugos  – which I may come back to because it is an interestingly terrible idea.

Best Blog Tile award goes to Dongling Melons! Shao Ping has compiled a list of philosophically interesting movies

Grab the Lapels interviews Sarah of Problems With Infinity which is that blog that we like here

Nicola Griffith on good SF novels with a lesbian perspective


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