Currently reading: Half a War

Part three of Joe Abercrombie’s YA “Shattered Sea” fantasy series that follows on from Half a King and Half a World.

Don’t let the ‘young adult’ marketing bracket scare you away – this has been a solid fantasy series so far. Set in a Vikingish world built on the remains of a lost elvish civilization, the series is less cynical than Abercrombie’s earlier work but still gritty. Some great characters with a shift in focus in each novel that makes the world he constructs feel bigger.

2 thoughts on “Currently reading: Half a War

    1. Yes, took me by surprise as well as it wasn’t that long ago that I’d read Half a World. I assume he wrote them together in one go. I do like Fathet Yarvi as a character – he has a hefty dose of the conniving cynicism that Abercrombie specialises in but far more likeable.


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