Global Warming [Updated]

OK I said I wouldn’t go and read John C Wright’s blog but whenever I talk to Timothy the Talking Cat I feel a need to check out what is going on there.

Wright has posted a message related to a claim made by Steven Goddard who is a Climate Change denialist of an odd sort.

I’ve posted my own reply but it may have gotten eaten by gremlins.

The reason why people from all sides of politics continue to assert that anthropogenic global warming is a thing that is actually happening is because it is a hypothesis well supported by the temperature record AND in accordance with what we know about greenhouse gas emissions from our industrial activities AND our understanding of other greenhouse gases such as water vapor AND our understanding of core aspect of the physics of carbon dioxide in relation to infra-red light.

Don’t like the NOAA data? OK than look at the temperature record from the UAH satellite data managed by Dr Roy Spencer (not a warmist and not a liberal). You will still find a warming trend over the whole span of the dataset. Don’t like the instrumental record? Then look at the BEST study (partly funded by the Koch’s) which again confirmed that the record is basically right. Think it is all down to bad data collection then look at prominent ‘skeptic’ Anthony Watt’s own analysis.

The facts don’t go away. It has been getting warmer for decades (in a noisy way but still). The levels of CO2 have been increasing. CO2 really is a greenhouse gas. None of the alternate explanations have stood the test of time or evidence.

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