Collected Wanderings: limited Puppy content plus other stuff

What has graced my laptop browsing recently…

Reading SFF – a review of The Parliament of Beast and Bird

Via Kit Power [ ] The Politics Police on the Great BBC TV Licence debate  [For non-UK people the TV licence is effectively a TV tax that funds the BBC]

Problems With Infinity on anxiety and social events

Pint Size Fiction on the Princess and the Frog

Alexandra Erin’s “Freedom of Liberty’  written by channeling her Puppy alter-ego John Z Upjohn has gained a Chapter 1 after the Prologue previously posted

Spacefaring Kitten reviews Ms Marvel

Brian Z at Canine Daze puts me in filk’d Plato dialog which is only fair in the circumstances

Mano Singham at Forethought Blogs reviews Ex Machina