More Rabid nastiness

For other reasons I visited Vox Day’s blog today (the leader of the Rabid Puppies campaign). It is never a pleasant experience but it does help illustrate how particularly unpleasant this ‘side’ of the Hugo kerfuffle is.

Kary English was nominated by both the Rabid Puppy and the Sad Puppy campaigns for best short story. Surprisingly, despite the overall poor quality of the Puppy nominees, many non-Puppies who have read the story have quite liked it. It is probably the most broadly liked of all the Puppy stories and I agree it has many positive qualities.

Kary English has also distanced herself from the Puppy campaigns somewhat and in an extended comment at File70 outlined her views.

Furface Tension 6/26

I also wish people like Brad, Larry and other SP notables would come out and say “Hey, this* isn’t what we intended or what we hoped would happen. We’re sorry the whole thing has become such a mess.” (*where “this” means locking up the ballot and shutting out other works)

I don’t consider myself a spokesperson for the SP, or even an SP notable, but I’ll say it. I never got involved in this with any idea that I’d even make the ballot, much less that VD would run his own campaign or that there would be a ballot sweep. If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have participated. To the extent that I’ve been part of that, even unknowingly, I apologize.

It seems I can’t say anything remotely in that vein without someone saying that if I truly thought that, I would withdraw. I’ve already given my reasons for not withdrawing, but I’ll mention again that a large part of it is not giving Vox Day the satisfaction.

All that stuff about nominating liberals just to watch them self-flagellate and see how fast they withdraw? I’m not his marionette, and I won’t dance to his tune. He set us up to be targets, just like he set up Irene Gallo. I’m not giving in to Vox Day.

This has provoked what can best be called a very sulky reaction from Vox Day in which he basically says he doesn’t care. I shan’t link to it because the comments that follow are extraordinarily nasty and vindictive. I will share this quote from Day’s post:

I think it’s interesting that she thinks I have given her any thought whatsoever. Kary, my dear, I don’t give a quantum of a damn what you do. Withdraw, don’t withdraw, retire to a nunnery, it makes absolutely no difference to me.

So Day announces his utter lack of care…

Following on from that Day has posted his picks for best story (which I will link to – I don’t think my little blog lends his much web credibility of googlyness)

  1. “Turncoat”, Steve Rzasa (Riding the Red Horse, Castalia House)
  2. “The Parliament of Beasts and Birds”, John C. Wright (The Book of Feasts & Seasons, Castalia House)
  3. “On A Spiritual Plain”, Lou Antonelli (Sci Phi Journal #2, 11-2014)
  4. “A Single Samurai”, Steven Diamond (The Baen Big Book of Monsters, Baen Books)

Notably Kary English’s story (as nominated by Vox Day’s own campaign) is now missing. I guess Day just forgot in his total lack of caring rather than spitefully deciding that English was now an ‘unperson’.

I still won’t be voting for Totaled above No Award for the reasons I outlined here. However I think the chance of her actually winning this category has increased substantially.