The Important Hugo John C Wright Poll

Well not that important at all really. This is actually just an excuse to experiment with the poll function in WordPress.

So, below are the Hugo nominated works of John C Wright. Vote for the best one or the least worst if ‘best’ is too tricky.

6 thoughts on “The Important Hugo John C Wright Poll

  1. Only because I read “Parliament” first, before it dawned on me what a turgid, sesquipedalian writer Wright really is. (Great Cthulhu, there is a word for “too many syllables”!) Everything after that got progressively worse.


  2. Went with One Bright Star, because there was a possibility that some of the stuff he didn’t put in the story (ie, their previous adventures) would’ve been interesting.

    @redheadedfemme, I’ve loved Eric Flint’s commentary on Wright’s prose:

    …”an example of what I think of as the Saudi School of Prose. No noun may go out in public unless she is veiled by grandiloquence and accompanied by an adjective.”


  3. You swine! Just as I’d deleted his nominated fiction from my kindle with a sigh of relief.

    Parliament, I suppose, on the grounds it’s the least bad. And yes, Eric Flint is spot on. I still find it staggering that a writer of such clumsy, stilted, vulgar, shoddy prose can be nominated at all, let alone multiple times.


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