Building bridges: a short fable

[Inspired by a comment I saw on File770 about a reasonable person blogging on a site aligned with Rabid Puppies]

The staff
Your blogging team, hard at blogging.

Scene: The grounds of Felapton towers.

Camestros is sitting in the shade of a near by tree reading Aristotle for Dummies.

Enter Timothy the talking cat with a bundle of string, a nail gun and some blanks in a special cat adapted wheel-barrow. The Wheel-barrow is painted in camouflage colors.

[Camestros] Ah Timothy, off on some project I see. I do hope you are not attempting to build a barricade in front of the WI hall again?

[Timothy] Not at all. I have put that whole terrible incident behind me. No, today I am building a bridge.

[Camestros] Capital idea young Timothy. A bridge over the platypus pond would be a welcome addition to the house.

[Timothy] I’m actually going to put it over the other pond.

[Camestros] Which other pond?

[Timothy] The long thinny sort of pond that goes round and round.

[Camestros] You are making even less sense than usual. Wait…do you mean the moat?

[Timothy] Yes, yes. The long thinny, round and round moat pond. I’m going to build a bridge to fields on the south.

[Camestros] the south field?

[Timothy] Yes indeed.

[Camestros] The south field that is currently home to a horde of hungry hydrophobic zombies.

[Timothy] That’s the one.

[Camestros] The south field full of hungry hyrdophobic zombies which led us to build a giant moat around Felapton Towers precisely so we wouldn’t get gnawed alive?

[Timothy] Are you trying to make some sort of obscure point?

[Camestros] Well only the point that building bridges between communities maybe a laudable aim in most circumstances, doing so to a field of very angry undead monsters may be taking an ethical imperative to a less than apt conclusion.

[Timothy] Oh, you’re just so insular and cliquey.

[Disclaimer: the views expressed are purely those of Timothy the talking cat. No pejorative conclusions should be drawn about hydrophobic zombies, many of whom are quite lovely people I’m sure]