Month: Jun 2015

  • ngramming across the universe

    …only going forward because we cannot find reverse. I’ve gone a bit n-gram crazy today – as can happen. I thought I could test the question of whether the Hugo Awards have lost relevance or importance by graphing the term “Hugo Award” over time with the n-gram viewer. Now there is a little extra trick […]

  • The Seven Cardinal Sins – a puppy summary

    I haven’t reviewed everything that was nominated but I have read everything and read multiple reviews. I thought this was a good time to look retrospectively of what was wrong with the nominated works (not including best dramatic categories, editorial categories, fan categories or artists). The Catholic catechism traditionally identifies seven capital sins: pride, avarice […]

  • On n-grams and Corpus America

    The background is too hard to explain but somebody had to do this and I believe the task must lie with me. Graphs of the n-grams of ‘Steve’ and ‘Stanley’ in the general Google Corpus 1800 to 2000 And using the American English corpus.

  • Excel Pluribus Hugo

    [Note: I’m very much not an expert on this proposal – this was the easiest way for me to make sense of it at a practical level. I may have well misunderstood aspects of the process] Yay! I think I have finally removed all the kinks from my Excel version of the proposed new nomination […]

  • SBJ’s compilation of the alternate history of the Hugo Awards

    Compiled from a running joke at File770.

  • Ngramming

    So I’ve been down a few dead-ends of late in my number crunching past Hugo winners. I’ve looked for obvious signs of bias and also for cliques and found not much to write home about. The last two issues are whether the Hugo Awards (or other awards such as the Nebulas) have gone to unworthy […]

  • More Rabid nastiness

    For other reasons I visited Vox Day’s blog today (the leader of the Rabid Puppies campaign). It is never a pleasant experience but it does help illustrate how particularly unpleasant this ‘side’ of the Hugo kerfuffle is. Kary English was nominated by both the Rabid Puppy and the Sad Puppy campaigns for best short story. […]

  • Sunday beer: Little Creatures Pilsner

    Little Creatures pilsner

  • Why Science is Never Settled – a review of part two of the essay

    Why Science is Never Settled – a review of part two of the essay

    My review of Part 1 of Why Science is Never Settled by Ted Roberts can be found here. Part 2 Is focused more on the fallibility of science. Like Part 1 it lacks focus or connection with a unifying argument. In some ways it acts more like an appendix to Part 1, with a look […]

  • Why Science is Never Settled – a review of part one of the essay

    Why Science is Never Settled – a review of part one of the essay

    Reviewing two (here and here) of the Best Related Work Hugo nominees made me realize I had to do at least one more. Why Science is Never Settled by Ted Roberts is an essay on the scientific method. It isn’t science fiction and it isn’t appalling but it isn’t good. Unlike The Hot Equations it […]

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